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web and social networks

management systems integration

electronic commerce

cloud computing

augmented reality and virtual reality

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence


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IOTech researches and develops pervasive, innovative, and intelligent solutions able to address the concerns of industries and citizens, and society by applying the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept. IOTech provides ioSolutions as Software as a Service (SaaS). ioSolutions are responsive and ready to help to solve real problems in real-time. We are bringing the service companies to citizens' smartphones, promoting their literacy and ease of access to crucial information simply and instantly. Citizens can consume a set of services through their device (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, computer, television, among others). All solutions are interoperable and ready to connect with existing systems (ERP, SCM, CRM, and others). The main goal of IOTech is to develop intelligent and innovative solutions able to simplify people’s lives and connecting them to an interactive world. ioSolutions are structured as:
• ioTool - Single web tools able to solve specific issues;
• ioApp - Web applications adapted to businesses and markets;
• ioServ - Data Science services and ioSolutions customised to organisations;
• ioHub - A network of services in real-time;
IOTech has a training academy – ioAcademy, and a webstore containing all IOTech solutions – ioStore.

ioHub is the core development of IOTech and is used as proof of the IO (Innovation on) paradigm concept. This platform enables contact between a citizen and a service provider. ioHub is available to all those who need help, have a question, or just need to consult the services available in a specific place or time. It is a collaborative and intelligent cloud-based platform, which is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device, and it can:
• Contribute to the resolution of various citizen concerns in several areas (health, economy, advocacy, education others), quickly and effectively;
• Simplify how the organisations interact with their clients.
Regarding the service provider, ioHub seeks to:
• Provide a real-time response to citizens’ concerns without bureaucracy;
• Promote the dissemination and recommendation of services by providers with weak capabilities to spread their work.

ioAttend allows you to schedule appointments and register your attendance with your phone. It is an ioTool capable of recording the presences of participants, employees, students, teachers, and other human resources most efficiently and quickly possible. This solution uses three-factors authentication and can “control” the Human Resources flow inside the facilities.
ioAttend tries to solve the following issues:
• It is tough to register attendance in temporary places.
• Universities and organisations have difficulties managing the attendance registration of their students, teachers, and employees quickly and cheaply.
• The devices that they use to register attendance are costly, and the maintenance costs a lot.
This solution allows:
 Register Attendance;
 Consult of History;
 Manage places (consult the areas that are near);
 Manage a schedule (previous and next events);
 Consult absence;
 Start and close an event;
 The system can be used indoor or outdoor;
 Interoperability and portability.

ioGuest is the entrance door of your visitors. ioGuest is a platform (ioTool) capable of managing the entire process of requesting, scheduling, and holding meetings between organisations and guests.
ioGuest try to address the issues of
• Guests - have difficulty handling the process of requisition and scheduling of meetings with organisations.
• Organisations - have difficulty knowing how many guests there are inside their facilities.
This solution allows:
 Management of all flow associated with a meeting (Request, Delegate, Reject, Approve, Schedule, Reschedule, Request Rescheduling, Cancel);
 Book occupancy management of meeting room;
 Send Notifications (Arrive Notification, Entry and Exit Facilities Notification, Delay and Custom Notification);
 Calendar of Meetings;
 Notifications system;
 Upload Meeting Documents.

IOTech promotes the transfer of knowledge and the development of innovative solutions for society using the know-how produced/obtained at universities (during or after academic training).

Experience in textile process

raw material

preparation and spinning

classification and separation of materials


Success cases

Riopele - 3D, Data Analytics e Web Development; Castelbel - eCommerce; ToBEGreen and ECOnnect - Business Process Modeling and Circular Economy Apps.

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