This digitization protocol, developed within the scope of the DigiTVC project – Digitization of the Textile/Clothing value chain aims to be a tool for companies and all actors in this sector (with a special focus on the SUDOE area) to boost their competitiveness through digital transformation.

The objective is to present a guide that allows promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of companies in the textile value chain. To this end the document:

  • Contextualizes the current state and trends of the textile sector.
  • Defines the benefits that digitization brings and the challenges that organizations must face
  • Introduces the enabling technologies and key information systems in the transformation process.
  • Presents a methodology for the definition of a strategic plan for digital transformation through the identification, prioritization and sequencing of initiatives for the incorporation and implementation of technology.
  • Includes success stories, good practices and recommendations based on the opinions and knowledge of experts and experiences of companies in the sector itself.

Who is it for?

To achieve the stated objective, the report addresses two main profiles:

  • Managers and/or intermediate managers of small and medium-sized companies in the textile value chain. Those profiles of the organizations that must lead the process of change that digitization requires. Capable of promoting the necessary strategic reflection process as well as the organizational and cultural changes that will accompany the transformation process.
  • Consultants, digitalization, and technology experts. The external advisors or developer entities and facilitators of technology that support and help companies in the textile value chain in their strategic definition and in the implementation of technology. That profile with technological and business knowledge that will facilitate the process for the organization with a neutral and transversal vision that will complement the internal vision of the company.

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Digitalization Protocol of Textile Value Chain – January 2023


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