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In an increasingly specialized and hyperconnected environment, SMEs in the textile sector, within the SUDOE region, quickly need to digitize themselves in order to remain competitive, adapting to new sector requirements such as traceability, customization, sustainability, among others, as well as connecting to the entire value chain with a view to greater efficiency and productivity. DigiTVC focuses on supporting SMEs through a diagnosis for digitalization followed by 3 pilots with textile companies and startups.


Re-driving digitization in the post-covid industry

Digitvc wants to introduces the IV congress of the Connected Industry will take place under...

DigiTVC, a European project led by Texfor, announces the companies that has been selected for the pilot programs.

The companies A.Sampaio&Filhos (Portugal), Jules Tournier et fils (France) and Textil Olius (Spain) are the…

DigiTVC funding application

DigiTVC fundind process in now completed. In project 1st phase a total of 15 companies...

Join DigiTVC ecosystem for digitalization of the textile sector.



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