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There is a growing demand of customized products and services, adjusted to consumers needs and tastes. This scenario has forced companies to find solutions to reach their requirements.
In most cases information systems are not able to adapt to this flexibility, since they are still maintaining its genesis in the same principles of 30/40 years ago, when the industry was still working on the era of mass production.
So, in order to accomplish that need, we developed GPAC Software: Integrated Computer-Aided Production Management.
GPAC is a production ERP designed to guarantee total integration and traceability of information of any process and any industrial/business sector. It ensures the integrated management of production from the preparation on the spot of budgets of altered products, by measure or special ones, respective order and its transformation into service or production orders with calculation of consumption, needs and respective operations from order to shipment.
This system works via generic reference and with process modulation for configurable, altered, special or project products.
GPAC is totally parametric, focused on the creation of material structures with their associated operations, generated automatically, only with the introduction of an order by attributes and sub-atributes.
GPAC incorporates the DYP Technology – Define Your Process, Define Your Product – based on the principles of the Generic Reference.
DYP is a unique, exclusive, and innovative technology, developed for industry 4.0.
DYP is a Process and Product Configurator where, in a totally parametric way, without the need of development and initial opening of various codes, it is possible to modulate any process, product or article, by attributes.
DYP can be applied to several branches of industry, allowing the production of several and different configured products.
Thus, DYP alows a company to model:
• Not only Productive, logistical, purchasing, planning, quality and maintenance processes, but also commercial, financial, management processes or any other process that can be modeled based on rules;

• Not only Standard products or articles, but also configurable products in which all the technologically possible options, or degrees of freedom that the company decides to offer or make available, are immediately foreseen and made available by this technology. Also based on parametric, arithmetic, mathematical and logical rules, according to decision trees that are easily developed.

With our solution – GPAC – companies will be able to optimize the order entry processes, automatic preparation of material lists and production orders.

We also developed Web Platforms, such as:
• WYIPI TKS TRACKING SYSTEM, for online remote control, with full traceability of External Processes, Suppliers, Subcontracts and Subcontractors, Construction and Assembly Teams, Inspections, Hauliers, etc.
WYIPI TKS is a parametric tool that allows to control in a simple and remote manner any external process that can be set in it.

• WYIPI PVS PRODUCTIVITY VALUE SYSTEM is an MES-Manufactor Execution System, which enables the statistical and econometric analysis of daily Productivity, in any referential – a machine, a man, a set of machines and men, a line, etc. – with the calculation of averages, and 3SIGMA improvement potentials, mathematically measured, with 3% of maximum sample error. It also allows the indexing of an incentive system. WYIPI PVS enables the daily remote control of productivity in a factory or any other organisation, through simple outputs of easy visual reading, in a KISS-"Keep it simple and stupid" logic.
It really motivates workers to increase productivity, making it possible to reduce overtime.

• WYIPI RMS RISK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, for Inventory and Evaluation of risks associated to any business. On one hand, the probability of occurrence of risk is drastically reduced the moment we perceive it, on the other hand, prevents new crisis situations.

• WYIPI SCS SALES CONFIG SYSTEM, for the introduction of remotely configurable product orders, with the degrees of freedom compatible with the possible technological options on offer or only with the options that management sees useful. It makes the process of entering configurable orders easier, minimizing errors and omissions and preventing the configuration and reception of impossible orders. Web Platform to be used by sellers, points of sale, distributors, prescribers and other agents or sales channels.

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Grupo Valco, Animóvel, A Metalúrgica, Safina, Estufas Minho, Ceragni, JAF, Soviras.

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