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Tag Ingenieros Consultores S.L

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micro (0 to 10 employees)



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automation and human-machine collaboration

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.


Description of the service or solution

RFID Consulting and Advice:
Feasibility studies for the application of RFID technology. Selection of the TAG with the highest performance, determination of the hardware and software that best suits the needs of the project.
Studies of integration of RFID technology with ERP's, SGAs and Information Systems of companies.
RFID project management.

Logistics Consulting and Advice:
Logistic feasibility studies.
WMS and ERP integration studies.
SGA and POS implementation projects.
Automatic identification and traceability systems.

Mobility consulting and advice:
Real Time Location System (RTLS).
Identification / Security and exterior.
GPRS / GPS systems.

Consulting and advice in Redes Wireles:
RF coverage and implantation studies - WIFI - Zigbee, etc.
Determination of the optimal communications infrastructure for customer requirements.

Technical assistance and maintenance:
All our products, services and implementations are delivered with the corresponding guarantee.
We realize that systems have to work "always" and we are proud to have applications running uninterrupted since 2009 thanks to our careful customer service.
We offer maintenance contracts tailored to the client and his needs, we are aware that production and sale cannot stop and our services are to cover all types of contingencies.

Manufacture and sale of RFID tags and special TAGS:
We have a wide range of RFID tags tailored to the textile customer, both standard and for special uses, such as metal tag, liquid tag, laundry tag and for sectoral applications such as tag and fashion, tag for production control, tag for logistics, automotive tag and we are able to develop tag for special applications that are not available in the market as shown by two special tag patents.

Experience in textile process

classification and separation of materials

accessories (laces / embroidery / labels…)

clothing manufacturing / fashion




Success cases

Trasluz textile retail
Yebane Española
Penalba Soler
R&J Cambrass

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