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Company Name

KT Kortex Technologies, Lda.

Company Size

micro (0 to 10 employees)



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management systems integration

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

cloud computing

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence

Description of the service or solution

Kortex Industrial Hub is a cloud platform that promotes joint actions and industrial symbioses between economic agents. This tool foments the participation and engagement of economic agents to find solutions for waste material streams.

The process is based on Intelligent resources which are physical objects that are able to sense, record and transmit information between them and / or the systems that surround them. The Kortex Industrial Hub platform seeks to maximize the interaction between Circular Economy and so-called Intelligent Resources, finding in this combination fertile ground for innovation and value creation.

Experience in textile process

classification and separation of materials




Success cases

Kortex Industrial Hub, a sustainability platform certified by the Portuguese Environmental Agency for managing eGAR’s and used in continental Portugal and islands.
Energy center cost, an artificial intelligence tool that collects data from energy company systems and communicates with internal center costs.
Energy assets, a toll that collects data from machines and send information to internal systems and also for factory screens, with combined information.

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