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small (11 to 50 employees)



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management systems integration

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

cloud computing

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence

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KnowledgeBiz (KBZ), is a Portuguese innovation and information systems company. Leveraging from the experience and participation in leading-edge research initiatives, Knowledgebiz is developing state-of-the-art products and services, customizable to meet clients’ needs. It is constantly working together with different partners to create new business value and seeking to turn ideas into novel startups led by Knowledgebiz entrepreneurial team.
Currently, the company has four focal areas that cover the ideation and innovation lifecycle:
• Research & development, where the team is involved in state of the art initiatives at European level, investigating novel technologies and applying the most advanced knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Management in industrial proof-of-concept (PoC) case studies. It is keen on developing serious gaming to enhance user engagement and maximize PoCs impact.
• Products and Services, taking ideas and R&D results to the next level, designing and implementing innovative information systems, hardware devices, or new services and applications. Knowledgebiz offers capabilities and top-quality products and services for the digital market, focusing in the fields of the Internets of Things, Data Analytics, Business Interoperability and Machine Intelligence.
• Technology Consulting to empower customers with improved solutions, developing a customized technological and business offering. Knowledgebiz is amongst the pioneers in Portugal on addressing business interoperability in disparate economic sectors, such as the architectural, engineering and construction sector (AEC).
• Startup factory, where the same paradigm that was in its birth is applied. Jointly with partners and combining its research, products and services, with business opportunities, Knowledgebiz accelerates technology-based business ideas as individual startups.
Knowledgebiz is an SME strongly committed to Europe 2020 Strategy contributing to a sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs.

Experience in textile process
Success cases

Knowledgebiz coordinated an EU-funded project called SmartLife ( that developed a mobile game that combined physical activity and smart textiles with the objective of reducing sedentary behaviors in adolescents.

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