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Company Name

F3M Information Systems S.A.

Company Size

medium (51 to 250 employees)



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web and social networks

management systems integration

electronic commerce

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

cloud computing

Description of the service or solution

F3M Information Systems SA is one of the biggest Portuguese companies specialized in Information, Technology and Communication products and services. F3M assumed a very strong position in the design, production and implementation of software for vertical markets, coexisting with a strong activity in the areas of ICT solutions, like technology infrastructures, telecommunications, management software (ERP) and specialized services.
F3M's offer consists of a production management solution, PRODUZ, and services for implementing and customizing the solution to customers' needs. PRODUZ is a 100% web solution, on a SaaS basis, being accessible through a browser, which allows users to have obvious mobility advantages and access information wherever they are, as long as they have access to the internet. Various modules are available, such as inventory and stock management, orders and purchases, sales, checking accounts, production management and subcontracting. The implementation and customization services are defined, in the implementation plan, based on the client's needs and processes, including training and support to start-up.

Experience in textile process

shed weaving

clothing manufacturing / fashion

home textile production

production of technical textiles

Success cases

F3M has developed several projects to digitize industrial processes in the area of confection and weaving, covering the areas of finance, logistics, subcontracting and production control.

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