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Company Size

small (11 to 50 employees)



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management systems integration

automation and human-machine collaboration

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence

Description of the service or solution

We are a technology provider regarding enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, MES, Business Intelligence, IoT, mobile applications, ad hoc developments, etc. We have vaste experience optimizing Supply Chains, Manufacturing Processes, Warehouses and Distribution ecosystems.

Experience in textile process

raw material

preparation and spinning

pattern / cut / sewing

home textile production

production of technical textiles



Success cases

GRUPO JOVER: manufacturing quality fabrics for decoration for more than 50 years. Their equipped and innovative facilities allow them to do all the manufacturing processes internally with huge adaptation capabilities to any market and customer demand.

MLS TEXTILES (LURBEL): Lurbel, technical sportswear made in Spain, able to expand its full potential thanks to the best technology and the experience of a team with years of dedication. From the composition of the structure, every single detail has been designed to maximize performance.

RUNNEK SPORTSWEAR: Quality textile for sports events, athletics clubs and merchandising with personalization design posibilities

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