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Company Name

Escarré Automatización i Servicios S.L

Company Size

small (11 to 50 employees)



Contact Person





management systems integration


electronic commerce

automation and human-machine collaboration

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

cloud computing

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence

smart textiles

Description of the service or solution

Escarré Automatización y Servicios is a company founded in 1990 with the aim of developing innovative solutions for the automation of the textile industry.

We have managed to be at the forefront of technology thanks to a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, capable of developing and implementing all kinds of solutions to serve the textile plant.

Our speciality is the development and implementation of 4.0 technology in the automation of textile machines, whether they are dyeing, weaving or finishing machines.

Experience in textile process

raw material

classification and separation of materials

dyeing / finishing

coatings / laminates

printing / silkscreen

accessories (laces / embroidery / labels…)

home textile production

production of technical textiles


Success cases

I enclose 2 articles talking about our sucess cases for different solutions:

The First one is the automation of a R&D laboratory using our software

The second one the automation of a dyeing machine:

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