8 de July, 2021

DigiTVC, a European project led by Texfor, announces the companies that has been selected for the pilot programs.

DigiTVC, a European project led by Texfor, announces the companies that has been selected for the pilot programs.

The companies A.Sampaio&Filhos (Portugal), Jules Tournier et fils (France) and Textil Olius (Spain) are the ones that will carry out the digitization pilot programs, foreseen in the project.

The decision was taken after an evaluation of the proposals submitted, based on the economic impact, technological innovation and operational structure that the selected technology and its implementation represent.

The three selected companies will receive financial support from the project co-financed by the Interreg SUDOE program. The Spanish company, Textil Olius, the French company Jules Tournier et fils and the Portuguese company A.Sampaio & Filhos will receive funding according to the conditions stipulated in each country.

The DigiTVC initiative, led by Texfor, aims to promote digitization in the textile sector, to encourage technological transformation, product customization, traceability, connectivity and efficiency of the processes/services of the companies.

The funding to carry out the pilot programs, provided by SUDOE Interreg, allows, to the selected companies, the promotion and adoption of digital technologies for their implementation in the textile sector. The purpose is to favor the interconnection of the value chain to lead to effective, efficient and productive automation in the fashion, home textiles or technical textiles sector.

The pilot programs, one in each DigiTVC partner country, will identify the needs and processes to be carried out, in order to develop viable 4.0 solutions, of interest and that can be implemented throughout the textile sector.

The results obtained will be systematized to create a protocol that allows companies to design their digitization strategy, using the most appropriate technologies.

DigiTVC, from the new specific protocol for the textile industry, will accredit experts so that they can accompany companies, in an individual and personalized way, to create their digitization strategy.

15 business proposals have been submitted to implement the pilot programs, all of them led by companies in the textile sector (fashion, home and technical textiles).

DigiTVC is a transnational project involving organizations from Portugal, Spain and France, with a scope of more than 5,000 textile companies in the SUDOE area (Southwest Europe).

In the coming weeks, the selected companies will be contacted to establish the timetable for the implementation of the pilot programs.

The Digitvc Project website: www.digitvc.eu provides companies with a space for the creation of an ecosystem, made up of companies from the textile sector and the digital and technological sector, with the aim of building bridges and creating synergies between the two sectors. Companies that want to participate, must register.


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