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Company Size

small (11 to 50 employees)



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web and social networks

automation and human-machine collaboration

cloud computing

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence

smart textiles

Description of the service or solution

Datamonplus is a Industrial Erp 4.0 solution for the Textile companies. It helps Leaders, managers, Operation Managers to transform the information of the production process into knowledge, to take decisions in a sustainable environment,
We are experts to implemented systems technology and relevant information processing to maximize results and facilitate the control of organizations (planning, Quality and Costs)
Datamonplus has experience for more than 35 years and more than 120 installations of the textile solution in more than 8 countries. We are a partner for our costumers in Iberia and Latin America.
Our vision is to be part of our costumers to give them the best erp systems that can be integrated with other Systems and PLC’s so to make a Strategic Plan of technological solution.

Experience in textile process

raw material

preparation and spinning

classification and separation of materials


dyeing / finishing

coatings / laminates

printing / silkscreen

clothing manufacturing / fashion

home textile production

production of technical textiles


Success cases

CLADD TEXTIL (Argentina)
Leading Company in Argentina with yarn manufacturing activity, and knitted fabrics in the areas of Weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.
Production capacity: 800Tn / month
Contract year: October 2009
Moduls: Texplus Control Dying and Finishes. Texplus Quality, Machinery Maintenance

ARTEXTIL (Colombia)
Dyeing, Stamping, Digital Stamping, Finishing services company located in Medellín (Colombia). It is recognized as one of the main companies with the highest growth in Colombia and highly oriented to Industry 4.0. He works for clients such as Línea Directa and Hermeco.
Production capacity: 30Tn / month
Contract year: January 2009
Moduls: Texplus Control Dying and Finishes. Texplus Quality, Planning, Helioport, Business Intelligence, Mant. Machinery, Alarms, Warehouse logistics, communications. Route 4.0

Colombian textile group, manufacturer, marketer of fabrics and a reference in fashion trends in the national and Latin American market since 1957. The textile process: Knitted fabrics, plain weave, doilies, lace, jacquards, prints, industrial fabrics and smart textiles.
Production capacity: 750Tn / month
Contract year: 2009 and 2017 (laundry and fabric)
Moduls: Texplus Control Dying and Finishes. Weaving and Prep Yarn Control. Laundry Control. BI library. Planning Dry Cleaning

Distinctive icon of the textile industry in the center of the country, in the development of its activities started in 1938, it has combined the Spinning, Weaving and Finishing processes in its plants. Product uniforms, Denim, Knitwear.
Production capacity: 100,000 Mts / month
Contract year: 2018
Moduls: Texplus Control dying-Finishes. Weaving Control. Spinning Control. Maint. Machinery, Dashboards. Texplus Quality

ACABATS 2013 (Spain)
Company located in Sabadell (Barcelona) and one of the oldest clients. We manufacture all fabrics, from the warper to obtaining the finished product.
Production capacity: 25Tn / month
Contract year: 1987
Moduls: Texplus Control dying and Finishes. Texplus Quality, Machinery Maintenance, Dashboards, Planning dying and Finishes

Company dedicated to Denim laundry with Laser, Ozone, Icelite and Eco Blast technologies. It is a pioneering company in washing, providing a 100% ecological washing service.
Production capacity: 50,000 clothes/ day
Contract year: January 2001
Moduls: Clothes Laundry Management.

TEXPASA (Guatemala)
Company dedicated to the manufacture of flat, rectilinear knitted fabric with a Dyeing and Finishing plant for export to the United States. His main client is The North Face.
Production capacity: 60Tn / month
Contract year: 2019
Moduls: Texplus Control Dying and Finishes. Weaving Control. Vertical Planning. Texplus Quality

Carvema (Portugal)
Our first client in Portugal which we have been partners for more than 20 years. During these years we have jointly lived many professional experiences, technological changes such as the 2000 Effect or the new Systems and demands of the INDITEX Group. Carvema continues to bet on modernization and be the first in Portugal in a Managerial transformation, obtaining Business Intelligence tools.
Production capacity: 125Tn / month
Contract year: 2001
Moduls: Texplus Control Dying and Finishes. Weaving Control. Vertical Planning. Texplus Quality, Alarms, Buisness Intelligence, helipuerto (Just in time)

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