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micro (0 to 10 employees)



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web and social networks

management systems integration


electronic commerce

internet of things: sensors, embedded systems and wearables

cloud computing

traceability - blockchain, rfid, qr, etc.

data analytics / data science / artificial intelligence

Description of the service or solution

Define and implement strategic plan for digital transformation :
1) Diagnosis : current situation
2) Vision : define strategy
3) Actions : define projects
4) Roadmap : prioritize and schedule projects ( profit / ROI / growth )

Digitalization Agent of the Kit Digital Program (official collaborator of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation).

Accredited by Acció (Generalitat de Catalunya) as expert in Technology and Digital Transformation Industry 4.0

Experience in textile process

clothing manufacturing / fashion


Success cases

Some business process optimization / automation projects implemented to reduce for instance level/cost of stocks , improve delivery time to customers :

• Customer orders : automated process for order confirmation (financial risk, stock check, delivery time expected).
• CRP (continuous replenishment program) : Integration with logistic operators (real time stock , online deliveries information).
• Work orders ERP integration : make ERP easy to use for workers .
App (tablet/mobile) simplyfing data entry screen and providing real time information for business (progress on work orders, stock update, finished goods,…).
• Purchase order automation : real time tool providing purchase raw material needs based on Customer orders, stocks, work orders,…

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